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How to customise invoices

In Bookem, you have the option to customise your invoices to match your business style and preferences.

To customise your invoices, follow these steps:

  • Go to 'Accounts' and select 'Invoices'

  • Click on '+ New Invoice' to start creating a new invoice

  • Select the client for whom you want to create the invoice

  • Choose the service you want to invoice for from the available options

Note: If the service you need to invoice for is not listed, make sure to add it first by going to: "Settings" > "Services"

  • Now, you are free to customise the ICD-10 code, date, description and price by clicking on the item.

  • Once you have entered or edited all the necessary details on the invoice, you have the following four options:

  1. Select "Finalise" if the invoice is ready to be sent or paid

  2. Choose "Finalise and Send" if you want to send the invoice directly to the client

  3. Click "Finalise and Pay" if the client is ready to make the payment immediately

  4. If you need to continue working on the invoice later, you can select "save draft" to continue editing later.

Other customisable settings around invoices:

To edit automated messages for invoices, check out this article: Editing default messages for invoices

To change the address on your invoice, check out this article: Changing your address on invoices

If you wish to change the VAT (Value Added Tax) on the invoice, you can find more information in this article: Setting your business up if it's VAT registered