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Your team's diary, online

Appointment confirmations, surveys or follow-up notifications are easy to create or customise. You’re in complete control of the tone and nature of your automated communications - SMS and/or email.

Include dynamic variables such as 'first name' or 'business phone number' or link to a client's individualised indemnity form.

Save on administrative costs and time by providing patients with the option to book appointments online anytime, while maintaining control. Customize your booking options by setting minimum and maximum booking times, excluding certain services from online booking, or choosing to take booking requests instead of automatic confirmations.

Want to appear more in demand than you actually are? Bookem can be configured to make your calendar appear busier than it really is, without revealing your true availability to clients.

Let clients book and pay online for instant confirmation upon payment.

Or invoice at any stage after a booking is made and let clients pay online directly from their invoices or online payment links; payments are reconciled automatically.

Clients can reply to automated messages such as SMS or email reminders or confirmations. You can again reply to these messages or send manual messages. This can be useful for last minute comm's before an appointment, such as a quick note to say that appointments are running 10 minutes late.

All outgoing and incoming messages are stored against a client's profile in their Messages tab.

Go paperless with Forms

Now all your data capturing can be done by clients. No more recapturing errors.

Rules can be set up to automatically send clients forms you need them to complete, such as intake forms or questionnaires after a particular kind of appointment. Forms are fully customisable, and are optimised for your client's device, whether it's mobile, tablet or desktop.

Forms consist of flexible field types, such as short or long text fields, multiple choice, checkboxes or images, such as body charts, for annotation. Clients can be required to sign their forms using their fingers (on mobile/tablets) or mouse (desktop) before submitting them.

Forms can be set up to automatically merge with their profiles upon submission.

This data is then available to be used in various ways, for e.g., auto completing invoices with medical aid details, for using in automated messaging, or for auto-completing other forms that need to get filled out by clients that have an overlap in questions that need answering.

Customise things you ask clients when they book online. Questions can be different for different services.

Invoicing and payments

Appointments can be invoiced and emailed/SMSed in as little as 5 clicks, directly from your calendar.

Invoices get automatically created and sent with everything that would usually take more time or effort on other platforms

For effortless medical aid-compliant invoicing, quickly search through and add ICD-10, treatment/procedure codes, descriptions and pricing.

NAPPI, consumable, SKU, or other codes, descriptions and pricing can be loaded too.

Save time and eliminate costly mistakes by creating groups of multiple invoice line items (codes, descriptions and pricing) for inserting one or more of these groups into an invoice with a click.

Bookem allows for various manual payment methods (POS, cash, or EFT), as well as online credit card payments through online payment gateways such as Snapscan, Payfast, and/or Paypal.

Online payments are linked to invoices and recorded automatically

View account reports such as Age Analysis, Invoices or Payments online. If you need more flexibility, download any raw accounts data into spreadsheets for truly flexible reporting.

Clinical notes

Store your clinical notes & files all in one place

Type or write with an Apple Pencil to record information about your clients right from your calendar.

Insert into your notes reusable templates, such as diet history, nutritional assessments, anthropometric assessments, questionnaires, or any other form templates. These templates can be created as web forms

If you prefer, you can create templates with scans of your paper documents for annotating on digitally with your phone, tablet or desktop using your mouse, stylus/Apple Pencil or just with your finger.

Bookem provides some typical templates for dietitians that you can customise, or you can create your own.

Upload and store files associated with your clients all in one place, such as:

- letters (scans, pdfs, etc.)

- scans

- images

Load images, or take a photo while editing a note. Draw or write directly on your photo or image before saving to your Note.

Useful for drawing on body charts, or making notes on scans of paper forms.

Video calls

Bookem's video call software is secure and easy to use for you or your clients. No software download required.

Automatic reminders to your clients include links to join their calls in a single click.

Book clients for video calls yourself, or let them book online.

If no-shows for video calls tend to get out of control, Bookem can require online payment from clients before their appointment is confirmed, even if other types of online appointments don't require up-front payment.

Prefer to use other platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or Microsoft Teams? No problem. Simply replace our video call link with a link from your favourite video call service, and we'll automatically direct your clients to their call on their automated email/SMS messages and reminders.

Even you can join calls using these platforms with one click directly from your Bookem calendar. In other words, without having to launch these external apps manually each time you have a call.

Try Bookem Premium free for 21 days

You'll get to try out Forms, Invoicing, Notes, video calling, and all other Bookem Premium features for free for 21 days, no credit card required.


What people say

Moving to Bookem was the best decision I made to help me with my practice. It's user-friendly and works like a dream and the support is great. If you're a Dietitian and you're a one-man show... (or any health practitioner actually) ... this is a definite for you!

Tanya Huber - RD, The Female Factor - Registered Dietitians
The Female Factor - Registered Dietitians

Bookem has transformed the way we work. It's streamlined our practice remarkably. Clients love it too. The customer service is fantastic and the platform is just so easy to use!

Jessica Kotlowitz, The Green Dietitian
The Green Dietitian

Absolutely love Bookem. It has transformed my practice. I love all the reminders that are sent to prior to appointments. My no-show rates have dropped dramatically.

Leigh-Ann Silber - RD, Leigh - Ann Silber Registered Dietitian
Leigh - Ann Silber Registered Dietitian

Bookem software is incredibly user friendly. The team offers hands on assistance to answer any and all questions which allows managing a business to happen with ease and efficiency.

Jenna Bowes, Jenna Bowes Dietitian
Jenna Bowes Dietitian

This comprehensive programme for dietitians is a really a lovely programme to work with. It is designed by the most incredible team! They are caring and want you to have the best and most successful business and provide assistance to make it easier for your customers and yourself. They make it a lot easier to keep control over your client base and relieve stress by automating reminders.

Ynthe Buyl, WE Balanced
WE Balanced

I have been using Bookem for more than 2 years and find it so user friendly.

Renée, Renée Mitchell Naturopathic Nutrition
Renée Mitchell Naturopathic Nutrition

I have used Bookem to manage my practice for about a year now and it has been an amazing experience. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and it takes care of many of the admin functions that one would need a secretary to do.

I highly recommend Bookem!

Ashley Krige, Thrive Dietitian
Thrive Dietitian

Moving to Bookem was the best decision I made to help me with my practice. It's user-friendly and works like a dream and the support is great. If you're a Dietitian and you're a one-man show... (or any health practitioner actually) ... this is a definite for you!

Tanya Huber - RD, The Female Factor - Registered Dietitians
The Female Factor - Registered Dietitians


Absolutely. Give us a call or mail us to arrange the best time for a customised set-up and coaching session on how to use Bookem best in your business to optimise your workflow.

We have a data conversion tool for you to use to import your existing client-base into Bookem. Do it yourself or we'll do it for you.

Yes, and we've made it easier for your business to be compliant by letting you securely store your client data online.

Bookem is developed, supported and based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We currently support SnapScan, PayFast and PayPal, with more on the way.

Bookem can be set up to sync to your Google, iCloud and Outlook calendars, and vice versa.

Invoices issued on Bookem include all information required for medical aid claims, such as ICD-10 codes, procedure/treatment codes and NAPPI codes.