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Adding a new client booking to your Bookem calendar

Bookem makes it easy to book new clients yourself. The minimum information you need to add for a new client is their name. However, you also need to include their cell phone number and/or email address so that they can receive automated notifications.


  1. Open your Bookem calendar.

  2. Select the time slot by clicking on the time slot, or the "+ New Booking" button at the top left.

  3. Click "Create new client", or enter the client's name, then select the option Create "Client Name".

  4. The "new client" box will appear, enter the client's cell phone number and/ or email address. There is no need to capture all of the additional information, as Bookem will send them an automated message with an intake form if it is their first appointment. Click create.

  5. Select the relevant service and resource.

  6. Click the "Book" button.