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Service specific online booking forms

Bookem lets you tailor online booking forms to suit your business and services. The default form asks for basic client details, but you can add more specific fields. For example, for a couples consultation, you might need the partner's name. This is where our service-specific booking forms come in handy.

Note: Service-specific booking forms can ask questions related to one or more specific services.

Follow the steps below to create a service-specific booking form:

  1. Go to Forms

  2. Select Booking

  3. Click the + Add button

  4. Give your form a name and select Create

  5. Add your questions

    Keep booking forms concise, using custom sendable forms for more detailed information.

  6. Save your form

  7. After creating a service-specific booking form, link it to the relevant service.

    Go to Settings > Services and select the service to link the form to. In the 'Booking Form' field, choose the appropriate form.

To learn more about forms, check out this help article: All about forms & client profile fields