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How do I set up a service in Bookem?

Services are the types of appointments that clients can book with you. This is the first thing that a client selects when they make a booking with you.

Add a new service

  • Navigate to Settings > Services and click the '+New Service' button in the top right corner.

  • Name and duration are the most important and must be specified.

  • Adding pricing to your service makes generating invoices much easier as Bookem will populate the invoice automatically. You can choose to show pricing online or not.

  • Make sure to specify which of your team members offer this service under 'Serviced by'. 

  • Make sure the tick-box is checked for services you want clients to book themselves in for. (note: this setting is only relevant if your calendar has been set to 'Public', i.e. online for the public to view)

Complete the service details

  • Give the service a name and description to help your client select the right one

  • Check that you have selected the correct booking form.

    NOTE: The default form is more than sufficient and we strongly suggest you keep any custom booking forms short

  • Toggle 'enable online bookings' to 'on', unless you do not want clients to be able to book this particular service themselves, in which case check that it is "off"

  • Pick the location where the service is provided - at the business, off-site or via video call

  • Select a colour for your service, this colour will appear on your public booking page as well as in your calendar, which is great for visual cues.

See below - this service called Consultation - Follow up, is available for online bookings, is provided at the business location and will show as blue in the Bookem calendar and public booking page.

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