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Note forms

Note forms is a Bookem Premium feature that allows you to create custom reusable forms to be used within Notes, typically for, but not limited to, assessment templates.

Note Forms can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Save time and effort by providing a standardized framework for assessments.

  • Improve accuracy of assessments by ensuring that all of the necessary information is collected and recorded in a consistent manner.

  • Enhance data collection by providing a structured format for capturing and storing information.

  • Increase compliance with regulatory requirements by providing a clear and concise record of assessments.

  • Improve communication between healthcare professionals and clients, by providing a common language for discussing assessment results.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need to create new assessment materials each time an assessment is conducted.

  • Enhance flexibility: Reusable Note forms can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of different practices.

  • Improved security: Reusable templates can help to improve security by providing a secure way to store and access assessment data.

Creating a Note Form

To create a Note form, go to Forms and select Note from the top tab. You can then click on Add to create a new Note form, or edit an existing Note form by clicking on the Edit button.

Adding Fields to a Note Form

You can add a variety of fields to your Note form, including:

  • Text fields: Text fields are for short and long text entries.

  • Dropdowns: Dropdowns can be linked to data lists.

  • Checkboxes: Checkbox fields allow you to select multiple options.

  • Multiple choice: Multiple choice fields allow you to select one option.

  • Diagrams: You can also add images or body charts to your Note Form. This can be helpful for annotating progress reports or questionnaires.

Adding a Note Form to a Note

Once you have created a Note form, you can add it to a Note. To do this, open the Note that you want to add the Note form to, and click on the Insert form icon. Then, select the Note form that you want to add.