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Updating in bulk your list of prices, codes and descriptions that you use for invoicing


For businesses with a long list of line items to use for invoicing, updating these prices can be a chore to do one by one. Fortunately, Bookem makes this easy by letting you download into a CSV to bulk edit in a spreadsheet, and then import/overwrite your existing items with the new prices.


In order to update existing line items, go over to Payments & Invoicing - Line items, click on the three dots, and select export. Download the file, then make all the changes you want.

Once you have completed the changes, return to Payments & Invoicing - Line items. Click the 3 dots and select import, upload the new updated CSV file and select “Overwrite existing line items”. A new option will be available to choose which Columns will match the existing list, and to know which data will be updated

Labels will change to "update" or "new" on the left; new will indicate a new entry to the line items, whereas update will change existing data to the new data in the CSV file. Verify all the data to see if it is in the correct columns and if the information has been updated or added, then proceed to "import line items", A confirmation message will appear, which you can confirm if you are happy. You have updated your line items' data.