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All about document templates

With Bookem Documents, you can create and send professional and medical documents such as referral letters, sick notes, prescriptions, clinical/treatment notes, and post-consultation plans.

Document templates help streamline this process, making it quick and easy to generate Documents with just a few clicks, pre-populated with your business or client data, such as a client's clinical diagnosis and personal info, a team members' signature, images & body charts, or tables with headers.

Everything you need to know about document templates in Bookem

Document templates in Bookem are reusable formats that you can customise to create various types of documents quickly while maintaining a uniform structure and style.

Designed to save you time and ensure consistency, these templates are easily customisable to fit specific client needs and can integrate note forms for comprehensive documentation.

They are typically useful for:

  • Referral letters: Create a professional referral letter with a header and signature, ensuring the information is clear and authenticated.

  • Sick notes: Quickly generate a sick note for a patient with all necessary details, including the reason for absence and the duration.

  • Prescriptions: Write basic prescriptions (e-scripts) that include a header and your signature.

    Note: For more advanced functionality and usability, such as AES level signatures, drug interaction checkers, dosage recommendations, medical scheme co-payment information, recommended templates, smart dosage autofill and chronic script repeat function, our integration with EM Guidance Script is highly recommended, and currently in beta. Mail us to request access.

  • Clinical/treatment notes: Maintain detailed treatment records by setting up templates with various field types, such as checkboxes, drop-downs, body charts, etc; and tables to, for e.g., track blood results, weight, and milestones.

  • Post-consultation programs and plans, e.g., eating plans, rehab programmes: Easily customise templates to provide clients with personalised plans, including columns, diagrams, and images for clear instructions and guidance.

Customisable elements in document templates

  • Tables: Track data such as blood results, weight, and milestones

  • Columns: Organise content into multiple columns for better readability

  • Free Drawing/Scribbling Areas: Add custom drawings or notes

  • Diagrams: Include diagrams for visual aid

  • Page Breaks: Separate sections neatly

  • Horizontal Lines: Create clear separations between sections

  • Headers: each template can have its own header, or use the default PDF header

  • Forms: add existing forms to your templates

  • Other Templates: reuse one or more other templates within your template

How to create a document template

Follow these steps:

1. Go to 'Documents' in the side panel

2. Navigate to 'Templates' bar at the top of the window

3. Now, click '+ New Template' in the top right corner

4. Here, you can use columns, headers, tables, diagrams, images, signatures (non-editable) to create customised templates for notes or other documents.

5. Click 'Create and close' to save your template

6. You can now use the template to create documents with ease from:

7. Simply select a template or use a blank document for anything that doesn't require a template. If you find there's a template you need, you can create new one by clicking '+New Template'.

Here's an example of a document template for an exercise plan:

Here's how it looks when you open it for a client and start working on it:

Document templates in Bookem are designed to enhance your practice management by providing a consistent, streamlined and efficient way to create essential documents and ensure consistency, time saved, and maintain a high standard of professionalism in your documentation.