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Bookem training - making bookings

Here are the basics you need to book an appointment in your Bookem Calendar.

Scheduling an appointment manually

Start by opening your Bookem Calendar -

Click on the relevant day and time and fill in the client's details - all you need to supply is first name, surname, cellphone and email.

If the client is a repeat client, their details will appear in the drop down. You can search by First Name or Surname.

If you have multiple locations, select "Search all locations" to find clients from other locations.

Changing/ moving a booking

Bookem makes it easy to change bookings in your Calendar. Simply click and drag the booking to the new day and time, or open the booking and change the details from within the booking modal. Remember to save.

Marking an appointment as cancelled or no show

Bookem assumes that a client arrived for their appointment and automatically marks it as "completed", unless you mark it otherwise. You can mark appointments as "no-show", or cancel them from your Calendar by selecting Cancel or No show, as shown in the image below.

Viewing appointment history

You may wonder what happened to an appointment - who made the booking, when was it changed or even cancelled? To find out more about what happened, when, open the Booking history in the appointment.

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