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Can I use Zoom, FaceTime, MS Teams or Google Meet instead of Bookem Video?

Integrated video calling is a Bookem Plus feature, which automatically generates video call links for virtual appointments. The beauty of using integrated video calls, is that you do not need to generate a separate video call in a third party application and share the details, Bookem does this all for you. All you and your client need to do, once the appointment is confirmed, is click on the link and the call begins.

Since you're reading this, you obviously feel the need to use Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet and Bookem can handle this too.

The service creation and appointment scheduling process is the same - create a service with Video Call as a location and set your booking preferences.

When the appointment is confirmed, you will need to make the following manual changes.

  1. Create a video call in your preferred application and copy the Video Call link

  2. Open the appointment in your Calendar and replace the Bookem Video Call link with your new one.

Bookem will update this link in all the right places and you can launch your meeting from within Bookem, and your client can launch it from within their appointment reminder.

Note: you can replace this video call link at any time, e.g. not necessarily before a notification/reminder goes out. It is actually not the link that’s used by clients to join the call; it is a shortcut to the video link. It will always redirect the client to the most up-to-date location where they need to go to join the call at the time it is clicked.