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Form input fields - all you need to know

Bookem Forms is a Bookem Plus feature and offers a vast range of Input Field options types, which makes capturing information, asking questions and gathering data super easy.

Short text entry: This is for one-line answers, such as Name or Surname

Long text entry: This allows for longer, more detailed answers to questions like "tell us how the injury happened", "how can we improve our service delivery"

Phone Number and Email: You guessed it - but, you may be asking for more than one contact detail's number and/ or email - and you can rename the field e.g. primary contact, secondary contact OR you may want an employer contact number.

Dropdown: This allows you to define options from a dropdown list and your patient can only choose one of them.

Checkbox: Typically used for accepting terms and conditions, or verifying you are not a robot. (often seen next to a terms and conditions and/or "signature" field)

Checkboxes: Not related to "checkbox", but useful when you want to give more than one choice - clients can select as many as they like and you can make the list as long as you like.

Multiple choice: Here clients can only pick one, similar to "Drop Down", just different. Both force clients to select only one answer, besides that, "Multiple Choice" is easier to navigate on mobile devices, those drop-downs can be clumsy, and "Drop Downs" take up less space on the screen, so your form looks less cluttered. The bottom line is both will gather a single answer. The choice of which you prefer is up to you.

Date: Perhaps you need a date of birth. , or signature date - goes nicely with the "signature" and "checkbox" field

Time: A way for capturing time in a correct format, such as 14:00. For example, "What time did the incident occur?".

Address: Physical, Postal, Employer - any address you need. You can ask for more than one, Bookem allows for multiple. Sometimes it's useful to know exactly where a client's address is on a map, if this is the case, enable the 'Show Map' toggle to allow for searching for their address with Google and pinpoint their location on a map.

Tags: Tags are useful when you have multiple items that could be picked or searched from, such as labels. For e.g., "What are your favourite colours?" Multiple colours could be searched through and chosen.

Signature: Clients can use their mouse, or touchpad to sign here - add a "check box" from above and you're done. Bookem records the date and time that a form is submitted, so there is no need to capture this separately from clients.

Language: This is a system field, used by Bookem. This is only useful when you are sending notifications to clients in different languages. For example, if you've translated your notifications to French and German, getting clients to pick what language they are will ensure they get notifications in their native language.

Timezone: This is a system field, used by Bookem to know what timezone your patients live it. This is useful to include in forms if you have clients taking bookings with you in different time zones. It's automatically included on the public booking page that clients use to book online, and auto-detects what time zone a client is in when they are making bookings online, and shows your business' availability translated to their time zone.