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Generating an invoice in Bookem

To generate invoices for individual, or multiple bookings, straight from you Bookem Calendar:

  1. Go to your Bookem calendar

  2. Select the appointment you want to invoice

  3. Click on the New Invoice button

  4. Bookem will auto-populate the invoice with the client and service information, codes and pricing.

  5. You can add/delete line items, copy a previous invoice, and edit pricing where required

  6. Select 'Finalise'


  • To reduce time spent on invoicing, make sure your service prices are set up correctly. Set pricing in Settings - Payments and invoicing - Line items and add itemised prices to your Services in Settings - Services

  • You can create one invoice for multiple appointments by clicking on the +Add Booking button in the Invoice window.

  • To save time, copy from a previous invoice

  • You can Finalise, Finalise & send or Finalise & pay by clicking the arrow next to Finalise

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Invoicing is a Bookem Plus feature. Click here to learn more about Bookem Plus.