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Generating an invoice in Bookem

You can create invoices for individual appointments, or for multiple appointments at once. To generate an invoice, you'll need all the usual details such as the client's name, the bookings being invoiced (if any), and the issue and due dates. We also need to know what you're invoicing for. If you're creating an invoice from a booking, the line items can be filled in automatically.

To generate an invoice from your Calendar in Bookem, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Bookem calendar

  2. Select the appointment you want to invoice

  3. Click on the New Invoice button

  4. Bookem will auto-populate the invoice with the client and service information when you select their booking

  5. You can add/delete line items, copy a previous invoice, and edit pricing where required

  6. Select 'Finalise'

You can also generate invoices from The client's profile or in Accounts - Payments.

To generate an invoice from a client's profile, go to Clients, search the client name who you would like to invoice. Click on it and navigate to Account. Select New Invoice and follow the same steps listed earlier.

To generate an invoice from Accounts, go to Accounts - Invoices, in the top right corner, click + New Invoice and follow the same steps listed earlier.


  • You can create one invoice for multiple appointments by clicking on the +Add Booking button in the Invoice window.

  • You can save a draft invoice by clicking on the Save as Draft button.

  • You can Finalise, Finalise & send or Finalise & pay by clicking the arrow next to Finalise

Invoicing is a Bookem Plus feature. Click here to learn more about Bookem Plus.