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How to customise invoices

In Bookem, you can customise your invoices to match your business style and preferences.

To customise your invoices, follow these steps

First, set up your business settings for invoicing

1. Add your business details in Settings > Payments & Invoicing

NB - INVOICE FOOTERS: Do not add banking your details here. This is the place to add a special message to clients, if needed.

2. Banking details and other payment methods can be added in Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Payment Methods

3. Now, you can add your logo in Settings > Business profile

Let's get your Line Items set up

1. Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Line items

If you would like to change, add, delete or check any of your line items, please refer to the following articles:

2. You can also choose to hide/unhide columns on your invoice.

Bookem comes with the following pre-set line-item columns: Date, ICD-10, Treatment code, Discount, and Tax. You can decide which ones to toggle on and off to show or hide on your invoice.

Other customisable settings around invoices

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