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How do I allow a client to sign or complete a form in my consulting rooms?

Clients can conveniently complete and sign forms online. However, if needed, they can also fill them out at your location.

Great for consent for treatment such as dry needling, updating details in your rooms, or for clients who may not have completed their forms, before their consultation.

There are two ways to let a client complete a form on a device

1. From the client profile

  • From your Calendar, click on the client's booking

  • Click on their name. This will take you to their profile

  • Navigate to the Forms tab

  • Select 'Fill in Form' if you would like to let the client fill in the form on your device

    OR select 'Send Form' and follow the prompts from there.

  • Select the form and let the client fill it in

2. From Forms

  • Go to Forms

  • In the Sendable Forms tab, select the form you need completed.

  • Click on the 3 dots on the right of the form and select 'fill in' - see the image below for reference

  • Bookem will prompt you to select the client's name, generating a unique QR code for them to scan, fill, and submit on their device. Alternatively, the form can be opened in a new tab.

Note: To prevent exposing sensitive data, you should log out of Bookem before handing over your device to your client. Also ensure your password isn't browser-saved.

Learn more about Creating Sendable Forms here