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How do I show the correct practice number on my invoice?

Bookem supports businesses with single or multiple practitioners to use single (global) or multiple practice numbers in one business.

For single practitioners

Add one global practice number. Here's how:

For multiple practitioners

Either add one global practice number if the whole team uses one practice number on all invoices (as per the previous steps), or you can add a team member specific practice number to allow each team member to send invoices with their own practice number.

Here's how to add team member specific practice numbers:

  1. Go to Settings > Team Members

  2. Select the team member's name

  3. Scroll down to Invoice information

  4. Enter the team member's practice number

    If a team member doesn't want to use their own practice number, they can enter the global practice number here.

  5. Save your changes

  6. You can now generate an invoice that reflects a team member's unique practice number.

    Bookem will append the business information accordingly when an invoice is generated.

Note: If you have a global and team member specific practice number set up, both will show on your invoices. Make sure to remove the global practice number if you only want team-member specific practice numbers to show up on invoices. The images below show how practice numbers will show up on invoices.

When the global and team member practice number was added:

When team member only added in their own practice number:

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