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Payment methods explained

Bookem lets you use and record numerous payment methods to track the source of your payments.

This article will discuss the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer - these are payments which clear in your bank account (reconciliation is done manually)

  • Card payments (reconciliation is done manually)

  • Cash payments (reconciliation is done manually)

  • Online payments - such as credit card payments made by clients through payment links on their invoices (reconciliation is done automatically) Bookem currently supports Payfast, Paypal, Snapscan and Wigwag

  • Other payments, e.g. Medical aid payments (reconciliation is done manually)

How to add a new payment method

Payment method types

Bank transfer/EFT

You can have one or more bank accounts listed on your business account. A bank account can be linked to one or more locations. Your bank account details and payment instructions will show at the bottom of your invoice.

Find out how to set up a Bank transfer payment method.

Online payments

Online payment methods can be used to:

  • Take payments from clients when they book online in order to secure a booking

  • Let clients pay directly from their invoice

The following online payment providers are supported:

Card payments

If you plan to accept in-person card, e.g. Point of Sale (POS) payments using a system that is not linked to Bookem, this needs to be an option available to manually record these payments. Here's how.

Cash payments

You will have to add a new payment method to record when clients pay cash.

Other payments

The ways you can use Payment methods is quite flexible. For example, you can create a payment method for e.g. Medical aid payments (reconciliation is done manually)

Pro tip: Payment links

Send payment links with invoices by going to Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Messages

Type #Payment link to generate a client-specific payment link that will be sent with your invoice messages. This link will allow clients to make payments via your integrated payment methods and allow for payment to be auto reconciled. This is an alternative to using a QR code on client invoices.

Your client will see your integrated payment methods when they click on the client- specific payment link.

Paying via the link will allow auto reconciliation of payments. No manual re-entry needed!

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