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Printing forms with hidden fields

Bookem allows you to print your forms with or without hidden fields.

How to print a filled-in form with hidden fields

  • Go to Forms

  • Navigate to the relevant form

  • Click on 'Responses'

  • Navigate to the client's filled-in form that you'd like to print

  • Click on the 3 dotted kebab on the right and pick from one of the two options as seen below:

    - Print with hidden fields

    - Generate pdf with hidden fields

How to change settings for hidden fields

Once you've navigated to the relevant form, click 'Edit'

  • Click on the field you want to edit

  • Scroll to the bottom of the field and toggle the 'show when printing' to on/off

Note: If a field doesn't have a toggle, then it means that it isn't hidden and will be printed.

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