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Setting your business up if it's tax, e.g. VAT, registered

Bookem makes it easy for your business to add tax, such as VAT, on your client invoices.

Follow these steps to set up your tax settings:

1. Start with our Setup checklist before going live

2. Now, add your tax/VAT number:

3. Now, go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing and scroll to the bottom

  • Add your Tax name and default tax rate to invoice set-up

    Your Invoices will automatically use tax-inclusive prices unless you explicitly disable this using the toggle

  • Note: The choice between VAT inclusive and VAT exclusive only alters the figures in the line items. The total and VAT amounts remain unchanged.

Want to use rounded prices that include tax? Bookem will automatically calculate the tax amount on your invoice

If you want your price list or line items to be billed in nice, round numbers, things can behave differently when adding line items. Your line items can be adjusted to include or exclude tax. We'll need to run you through this to explain how.

Here is an example of using VAT-inclusive invoicing (default settings)

Here is an example of using VAT-exclusive invoicing (if changed manually using the toggle seen in the previous section)

See how your line items behave when tax is applied:

1. Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing

2. Navigate to Line Items tab

3. Select a line item to view the price breakdown with tax

With "Use tax exclusive prices" enabled you'll see the following breakdown:

With "Use tax exclusive prices" disabled you'll see the following:

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