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Unable to capture your screen on Macs using Chrome


When choosing to share their screens using Bookem video, Chrome users will see three options when enabling screen sharing: Entire screen, Window, or Chrome Tab.

If using Chrome on macOS, you might notice that, while you are able to select the options Entire screen and Windows, those options do not actually allow you to share your screen. As a result, only audio/camera is recorded if those options are selected. This does not happen when choosing Chrome Tab. You may get this error from Bookem:

This issue is caused by missing privacy permissions in your macOS system preferences that are required to allow Chrome to record your screen.


To address this issue, you will need to adjust your macOS system preferences to allow screen recording for Chrome. Here's how you do it:

  1. Open your System Preferences.

  2. Open Security & Privacy.

  3. Open the Privacy tab.

  4. Scroll the left side list until you find the Screen Recording options.

  5. In the apps list, find Chrome and ensure that the app is allowed.

  6. You will be prompted to restart Chrome in order to see the changes. Once that is done, you will now be able to record your screen, independently of the screen-sharing option you choose before starting a maze.