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Adding a new team member

To add a new team member, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Team members

  2. Click + Add at the top right

  3. Enter the team member's name, surname, location, group, and if they can be booked

    Ticking 'This team member can be booked' means that they will be made available for bookings. If this team member is, for example, part of your admin team, this box should not be ticked

  4. If your new team member isn't part of Bookem yet, click 'Invite team member to Bookem' to send an invite to them. A drop down will appear to enter their email and what type of access they have:

    Admin access - allows a team member to also create and remove other team members, services, locations and other resources

    Standard access (allows a team member to create and manage bookings)

  5. Click Add team member

Once your team member is added remember to:

Set their availability