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Connecting SnapScan as a payment method in Bookem

Bookem allows you to integrate SnapScan as a payment method for your business.

Before you can integrate with Bookem, you need to register for SnapScan. Once you have registered, a Snap code (Merchant ID) will be assigned to you. Keep this close and note that it is case-sensitive.

To integrate SnapScan with Bookem, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings - Payments & Invoicing - Payment methods and select +Add payment method

2. Select Snapscan as your payment method.

3. To set the locations where Snapscan will be an accepted form of payment, either leave the box ticked for 'Available at all locations' or deselect it and select the relevant locations to which SnapScan payments should apply.

4. Toggle use for online bookings to on if you want to let clients use this payment method for appointments when they book online.

5. Toggle display on invoice to allow clients to pay their invoice via Snapscan.

When SnapScan is used to pay here, the client's invoices get marked as paid automatically. The practice requires no manual reconciliation.

6. It's time to enter your SnapCode (Merchant ID) now. If you need to retrieve your SnapCode, click here

7. In order for Bookem to know when a payment was made, Snapscan has to connect with us. Click 'Click here to request a connection' to allow SnapScan to connect with Bookem.

That's it. You're all set to take SnapScan payments!

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