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Editing default messages for invoices

Bookem let's you customize messages with invoices to clients. This allows you to include special instructions or additional information relevant to the invoice.

Customized messages lets you create personalized communication, making the email more engaging and relevant. This personal touch helps strengthen your relationship with clients. Additionally, this improves email deliverability. By avoiding generic or spam-like content, your email has a higher chance of reaching the client's inbox instead of being marked as spam.

By default, Bookem automatically fills in your invoice messages to clients for certain events:

- When an invoice is voided

- When an invoice is paid

- When an invoice is finalized

- When invoice is marked "Uncollectable."

(In this message, you can provide instructions to the client on how they can make arrangements to settle the outstanding amount.)

You can customize invoice messages by navigating to Payments & Invoicing > Messages.