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Setting up client fields in invoices

Bookem's invoice templates come with a few standard preset client fields, which means that you can start generating medical aid compliant invoices straight away. You can adapt your business invoice template with any custom information about your clients.

Invoices use information from client fields in client profiles that have been synced through form submissions.

Here's how to customise your invoice template

Pro-tip: Adding a label with a colon (:) after it means that if the field is blank, the entire line will not appear.

For e.g. with the following three lines:

Medical aid name: #medical_aid_name

Medical aid number: #medical_aid_number

ID number: #ID_number

If the medical aid name and number are blank, their entire lines will be left out.

The image below shows medical aid details as they were added to the form.

And this shows none, since no medical aid details were added to the form and colons were used in the invoice settings.

Another pro tip: Include essential invoicing fields in your forms sent to clients

This means your team won't need to capture data; client-filled information will automatically appear on their invoices. Click here to learn more.

Now, you can generate an invoice

Since invoices use client fields from profiles, client information will automatically be populated on invoices.

Learn how to Generate an invoice on Bookem in this help article

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